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Lovers Tiff!

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 21st March 2016 in Blogging |
Came across this pair of Kingfishers busy digging their burrow on a lakeside near Thetford. Great to observe them going in and out taking in turns to dig, and chase away unwanted attention from another male in the area. Difficult photography conditions as the site is about 50M from the nearest observation point, so need long lens plus extender. Also, the site is a bit in the shade, but great to see them flying around each other with the odd fight along the way. Only way to tell the sexes apart is the female has a reddish bottom to her beak.                     ...

3 Barn Owls on the marsh.

Posted by GBJ on 16th December 2015 in Blogging | new site,first blog post,welcome
  Great trip to the Norfolk marsh this morning, thanks to Andy Brown for the tip-off. Up at 6AM, up to my knees in marsh mud in the reeds by 7.30 with all my kit, ready to go. Always good while you are waiting to keep checking the light levels and adjusting ISO to as low as you can get away with as the sun comes up. 3 Barn Owls hunting in glorious morning sunshine gave us some great photo opportunities. It really makes you think how easy most of us humans have it when you see how hard these birds have to work just to get breakfast!    ...

2017 Norwich Peregrine family.

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 28th June 2017 in Blogging |
After catching the end of the Norwich Cathedral Peregrine Falcon season last year and seeing the last 2 fledglings of 4 fledge, (before unfortunately all dying), I have been visiting the site since March this year to see the full story unfold. On my first visit this year it was all action, the new female Falcon, GA, (so called because of her leg ring number) had just laid one egg and was fussing about on the Platform. The male (Norm!), or Tiercel, from the latin so called as they are a third smaller than the female, was   busy keeping a juvenile intruder at bay and stooping on it repeatably until eventually went. After all the excitement I witnessed the pair...

Dynamic Table Tennis!

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 30th December 2016 in Blogging | tabletennis,sport,fitness
Interesting shoot with table tennis coach Stuart Laws last night. Stuart has a new sponsor deal with Donic, and needs some new shots to update his website with him wearing the new gear. As well as some static shots, I wanted to try and inject some movement into the action shots to help get over the speed of table tennis. Quite pleased with the results, using 2nd curtain flash and a slow shutter speed (1/10) gives some nice movement lines whilst freezing the main image.   ...

new Wildlife Art Collection, No 1 & 2.

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 23rd March 2017 in Blogging | wildlife,canvas,art
I am pleased to introduce the first 2 pictures in my new 'British Wildlife' collection of initially 8 images. These are taken from my original photo's, and then given a new dimension with some computer wizardry to produce stunning images of our wonderful wildlife. They are either 12" x 12" or 12" x 16", in canvas wrap and cost £30.00 each. (P & P extra if applicable) Other sizes and media are available, POA. I hope you like them !...

Kingfishers by the stream.

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 14th August 2016 in Blogging | Kingfisher,fishing
I went to a stream that I've not visited for a while and a couple of Kingfishers flew past, so I found a place to hide down that looked like a fishing spot and waited. After about an hour a juvenile male stopped and spent 10 minutes going from branch to branch in the afternoon sun. I just kept still and he seemed happy for me to snap away, allowing me to get some nice images.    I went back again a couple of times in the early morning and the 2 parents flew by, with the female perching for a short while every time in the morning sun. I could see them flying across the field from the nest site, and at one point she stopped for a rest on the phone wi...
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