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3 Barn Owls on the marsh.

Posted by GBJ on 16th December 2015 in Blogging | new site,first blog post,welcome
  Great trip to the norfolk marsh this morning, thanks to Andy Brown for the tip-off. Up at 6AM, up to my knees in marsh mud in the reeds by 7.30 with all my kit, ready to go. Always good while you are waiting to keep checking the light levels and adjusting ISO to as low as you can get away with as the sun comes up. 3 Barn Owls hunting in glorious morning sunshine gave us some great photo opportunities. It really makes you think how easy most of us humans have it when you see how hard these birds have to work just to get breakfast!    ...

Dive Dive Dive !

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 25th September 2016 in Blogging | nature,wildlife,kingfisher,norfolk
Another couple of mornings spent down at the stream in Reymerston with up to 3 Kingfishers, although one female is the constant star. Now every time when I arrive at the spot before dawn she is already there looking for fish, and my presence doesn't seem to bother her too much as I can get quite close before she moves off. The farmer has put a small herd of bullocks in the field which use the Kingfisher feeding spot as a watering hole, so now I have to keep a wary eye out for them as well as they have chased me off once already!      Even though the stream has plenty of fish, I always take some sticklebacks and put them in a colander set just...

The Eagle has landed!

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 4th May 2017 in Blogging |
Word was out that a White Tailed Eagle had dropped down on Buckenham Marshes, so I thought I would go and see if I could catch it in residence. When I got to the small car park a couple there told me roughly where to head for where it was seen last, so off I headed in the howling norfolk wind. After a 2 mile hike I came across a guy with a scope, and he told me where to look, and sure enough there was the Eagle sitting on a post a fair distance away. It looked massive as it sat there, and was even 'mobbed' by a Marsh Harrier as well as most other Gulls and Crows, then it took off chased by a posse of birds. It was an impressive sight with its big rectangular w...

Picture in 2018 Calendar.

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 11th October 2017 in Blogging |
Nice to see one of my Kingfisher images was chosen for the 2018 norfolk Wildlife Trust Calendar. You can order one from here: Great Christmas present idea and helping nature as well!...

Little Owl in North norfolk.

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 24th July 2018 in Blogging |
Spent last evening in a hde sweltering in the heatwave, waiting to see if I could get any shots of a Little Owl that was known to visit on occasion. After waiting 5 1/2 hours and watching the light fade, I had almost given up when at 8.20PM it appeared briefly on a fence not far from me. Luckily the sun was at a point just before it disappeared for good and lit the post with the background in the shade, which allowed me to get a decent shot with a blurry background but well lit subject. It only stayed for about a minute before some wasps were bothering it and it flew off into a tree. These are beautiful little birds, always have an 'angry' expression, but will...

New Book, 'Surrounded by Barn Owls'!

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 12th February 2021 in Blogging |
The book can be ordered by clicking this link: I am delighted to announce the publication of my first book, ‘Surrounded by Barn Owls’,  Click the link for more info and order details.  This is a 56 page photographic study of wild Barn Owls, showing different aspects of their behaviour using a selection of my best images. These stunning birds are shown in their natural habitat in and around the norfolk marshes and farmland.  But the main stars of the book are the various Owls themselves, shown off to their best in over 100 stunning photos throughout the book.   Book price: £18.00 plus £2...