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Home studio session

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 6th January 2016 in Blogging |
Nice afternoon in the home studio with young Charlotte doing a photo shoot for grandparent gifts. She was a little star, a born model and gave me a chance to try different flash/lighting techniques which I am quite pleased with. Used a low power on camera flash for a bit of fill flash, and pointed a speed light away from the subject up to an angled white board to bounce back, which gave a nice diffused light....

studio Time.

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 4th April 2016 in Rickenbacker |
After a week away testing with GP2, time to put on some studio shots against the acoustic wall using 'bounce flash' technique, done just before I left. Acoustic foam gives a nice texture I think.  ...

Bursting Bubbles!

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 12th January 2017 in Blogging | photography,bubbles,highspeed,studio
Spent some time experimenting with flash in the studio, trying to catch the moment a bubble bursts. I set up my camera on a tripod with a remote flash set at right angles to it, against a dark background. I had a remote shutter release as well to make it easier, but still needed 2 pairs of hands to do the bubbles, then pop and click! I set the manual focus point on the same plane as the flash head, and exposed to be black with no flash, so you use the flash to expose the image which allows you to get these fascinating shots of things too quick to see by eye. After going through 2 bottles of bubble liquid it proved quite a task, but once you get a bubble to dro...

Mother/Daughter in the studio.

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 29th January 2017 in Blogging |
Lovely session in the studio yesterday with a young mum and her 3 year old daughter. Once the shyness had worn off and she got comfortable, the little girl was spinning around and posing like a professional. Had to be on my toes keeping up with her, good job I had pre planned settings and poses as she didn't give me much time to compose before rushing off to the next pose. Pleased with the results and look forward to the next time!   ...

5D Mk2 wedding shots

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 4th February 2016 in Blogging |
Sorting some wedding prep shots of rings and shoes etc in my home studio, trying out the 5D Mk2 I got on E-Bay which is really good for this type of work. Full frame and good flash control so a good addition to the armoury!  ...

Baby Boom!

Posted by Gavin Bickerton-Jones on 7th January 2017 in Blogging |
Spent a nice afternoon yesterday photographing little Evie, my first baby shoot. Easy to forget how small and delicate babies are, and quite testing to direct a shot as they keep wriggling about! Pleased with the shots I got, and I have learned a lot for future shoots. I used a home made beauty dish for most of the lighting and a 50mm lens, with a lens template for some shots to shape the bokeh into stars. As it was too cold in the studio for such a small baby I had to shoot in the house and think on my feet a bit to set shots up without messy backgrounds, all add to the learning experience!     ...