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Gavin Bickerton-Jones | 27th June 2016 | General Articles
Went over to the marsh last week in the evening, and managed to get some shots of 2 Barn Owls hunting for food. I think they are feeding chicks as they are carrying food. Light was difficult, either late evening sun or black clouds in the space of a few seconds! Interesting to see the 2 owls almost hovering over the top of each other at one point, maybe eyeing up the same vole! ...

Gavin Bickerton-Jones | 15th March 2016 | General Articles
Sunny but very cold morning on the marsh yesterday after a week away testing with GP2 in Barcelona. One Owl was around for a while allowing me to get some nice shots. Tried again with setting up a remote wide angle camera, but the Owl never went in range of it!! Surprised to be joined by Virtuosi Truck driver and excellent photographer Andy Brown, who had made good time back from Barcelona and had gone straight out on the marsh the first chance he had as well!! Got a fly past 'stare' as well as the Owl had a good look at who this idiot was clicking away in the freezing cold!...