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Gavin Bickerton-Jones | 18th April 2016 | General Articles
Nice morning spent in Rutland at a trout farm that is visited by the Ospreys from Rutland water. One turned up at 6AM and perched in a tree for a while, before eventually diving in and leaving with a nice juicy trout for breakfast. Unfortunately the light wasn't fantastic which made getting decent photos difficult, and as there are no chicks to feed yet they only need one fish to start the day. The light never improved over the next 3 hours and we had no more visits so couldn't hone our skills, but still great to see the power and accuracy of the bird as it got his meal. Dropped into Thetford on the way back and the male Kingfisher spent 5 minutes fishing on the side of the river in good view. Still cold and dull light, but got some nice photos on different perches. Thanks to Andy 'Chester' Brown for the tip off and driving there.               ...