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Camera in the drink!

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22 January
Jan 22
22nd January 2016

Disaster today, went over to a Kingfisher lake near Ipswich to try and get some diving shots. Didn't see a Kingfisher in 5 hours, then when I decided to leave I slipped next to the pond and dropped my camera in the water! It is completely fried, so now waiting for a replacement to arrive, only saving grace is I didn't have any great Kingfisher shots on the card to get ruined as well !  ...

Home studio session

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6 January
Jan 6
6th January 2016

Nice afternoon in the home studio with young Charlotte doing a photo shoot for grandparent gifts. She was a little star, a born model and gave me a chance to try different flash/lighting techniques which I am quite pleased with. Used a low power on camera flash for a bit of fill flash, and pointed a speed light away from the subject up to an angled white board to bounce back, which gave a nice diffused light. ...

Short Eared Owls Return

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5 January
Jan 5
5th January 2016

Tried a different spot on the marsh today, and was delighted to see the Short Eared Owl make an appearance for around an hour. In some ways they hunt in a similar fashion to Barn Owls, just a bit faster and lower to the ground. Their yellow eyes look great in the right light, really piercing and fully focussed. Tried a 1.4 tele-converter for the first time, and quite impressed with the results. ...

3 Barn Owls on the marsh.

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16 December
Dec 16
16th December 2015

  Great trip to the Norfolk marsh this morning, thanks to Andy Brown for the tip-off. Up at 6AM, up to my knees in marsh mud in the reeds by 7.30 with all my kit, ready to go. Always good while you are waiting to keep checking the light levels and adjusting ISO to as low as you can get away with as the sun comes up. 3 Barn Owls hunting in glorious morning sunshine gave us some great photo opportunities. It really makes you think how easy most of us humans have it when you see how hard thes...