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Essex Foxes!

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25 April
Apr 25
25th April 2019

Nice evening spent by some woodland in Essex where there are Foxes around. Myself and fellow photographer Andy Brown crouched down in some makeshift hides made from pallets, and waited to see if any Foxes came out in the evening. We were really lucky with the weather as the late evening sun lit everything nicely, and then at about 4 pm we got our first sight of a Fox, a vixen with a nasty wound in her face. we stayed till the light went at around 7.30, and in that time we must have seen 6 d...

Photography at night in Lincolnshire.

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15 February
Feb 15
15th February 2019

Excellent stay overnight in a hide in Lincolnshire to use flash on local wildlife. I stayed in it from 4PM to 9 AM overnight and played a waiting game with some flashes set up. Not long after dark the Tawny Owls started hooting all around, and one flashed past the post at about 10 PM.   Then y ou could here a noise like a baby crying coming from the pond, a young Otter calling to its mum that it wanted fish, and then there it was, adult Otter fishing in the pond for 10mins.   The Heron...

Fave pics of 2018

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4 January
Jan 4
4th January 2019

  Happy New Year everyone! Here are some of my favourite shots from last year. Quite a varied subject range, a bit top heavy on Barn Owl pics  but I did spend a lot of time with them  seeing them go from the nest box to the wild. Looking forward to 2019 and what it might bring.  ...

Barn Owlets 'Kissing'!

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20 September
Sep 20
20th September 2018

Went over to Old Buckenham last week to see how the 2 Owlets were doing, and as I drove in I was amazed to see them both on a post each in the field, with an adult on a 3rd post! It looked like they were getting hunting lessons, so I stopped the car, grabbed my camera from the passenger seat and crept out to use the car as a hide, hoping they wouldn't fly off! I lent the camera on the roof and got some shots as one owlet flew over to the other one and looked like it gave it a kiss and cuddle b...

More Ospreys in Scotland!

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11 August
Aug 11
11th August 2018

Just back from another 2 day trip at Rothiemurchus fisheries near Aviemore on a tour run by  ‘Osprey Whisperer’ Jo Mcintyre, to witness and capture Ospreys fishing in a trout lake again. Arriving on the Sunday afternoon at 3 PM, I had Helen with me this time as we were making a holiday of it, visiting the European Championship cycling in Glasgow, and then going over to Fort William post Ospreys. We were once again at the excellent Boat hotel at the nearby Boat of Garten village, and afte...

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