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Little Owl in North Norfolk.

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24 July
Jul 24
24th July 2018

Spent last evening in a hde sweltering in the heatwave, waiting to see if I could get any shots of a Little Owl that was known to visit on occasion. After waiting 5 1/2 hours and watching the light fade, I had almost given up when at 8.20PM it appeared briefly on a fence not far from me. Luckily the sun was at a point just before it disappeared for good and lit the post with the background in the shade, which allowed me to get a decent shot with a blurry background but well lit subject. It onl...

Swan Open Gala

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21 April
Apr 21
21st April 2018

Nice to get back poolside again at the Norwich Swan organised open gala at the UEA as the event photographer. Some good young swimmers on display from local clubs and a very well run friendly event, although I'd almost forgotten how hot it gets in there at times, I was thankful for the odd splash of water as the older swimmers did their tumble turns cooling me down! All photos in the gallery, password was in the event program....

Fave shots of 2017

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6 January
Jan 6
6th January 2018

Happy New Year ! Here are some of my favourite shots from last year. A difficult task to pick out of the hundreds of images, but I got it down to 22 and I think these show a variety of things I've photographed over last year, enjoy!      ...

Picture in 2018 Calendar.

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11 October
Oct 11
11th October 2017

Nice to see one of my Kingfisher images was chosen for the 2018 Norfolk Wildlife Trust Calendar. You can order one from here: Great Christmas present idea and helping nature as well!...

Water Vole at Strumpshaw.

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5 September
Sep 5
5th September 2017

Nice to see that a family of water Voles have taken residence in a small pond at Strumpshaw Fen. They are a bit timid, but if you sit quietly enough they are happy to gradually come out more and munch away on the reeds in the pond. They are bigger than I expected, a bit bigger than a hamster, with webbed front paws and big rear feet to propel them through the water.  ...

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