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Bempton Cliffs visit.

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17 August
Aug 17
17th August 2021

Gannet Flight Paths. Spent a couple of days at Bempton Cliffs, near Scarborough, over the weekend, my first visit there. Once we got there (Helen came along for the ride this time) after a tiresome 5 hour drive up the A17, we went straight to the RSPB centre on the cliffs at about 1PM, and had something to eat in the nice cafe there.   Weather was bright but windy (well it is a cliff!) as we set off for a walk along the cliff edge to the various watchpoints along the way, to see what was abo...

Covid Wedding!

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1 July
Jul 1
1st July 2021

Some shots from a lovely wedding in Norfolk last week, in a church built in 1600, and then to a reception in an old farmhouse built at a similar time. A shame it had a covid limit to 50 people, but a good time was had by all as they entered into married life.       ...

Long Eared Owl family.

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13 May
May 13
13th May 2021

Spent a night in Lincolnshire a couple of weeks ago photographing a Long Eared Owl family. These are one of the 5 native species of Owl in the UK, and very difficult to see as they like dense forests and hunt at night.  This was are chance through Tom at Wildlife Hides, to see a completely wild Owl family, no supplementary feeding, and get some photographs using a flash which didn't upset the Owls at all. Tom had set a temporary 'Scaffold hide' up, 6metres off the ground, to catch the parents...

New Book, 'Surrounded by Barn Owls'!

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12 February
Feb 12
12th February 2021

The book can be ordered by clicking this link: I am delighted to announce the publication of my first book, ‘Surrounded by Barn Owls’,  Click the link for more info and order details.  This is a 56 page photographic study of wild Barn Owls, showing different aspects of their behaviour using a selection of my best images. These stunning birds are shown in their natural habitat in and around the Norfolk marshes and farmland.  ...

Fave shots of 2020.

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6 January
Jan 6
6th January 2021

Well 2020 was a strange year for everyone, and unfortunately quite a few of us lost friends or family to Covid. Hopefully we can pull out of it this year with the vaccine and all start living life again as we want to. I didn't get out with my camera as much last year for obvious reason, but here are some of my fave shots from when I did get out. I spent a lot of time with this Barn Owl just after Lockdown 1, when I would visit every evening and watch her collect voles for her young. I got a s...

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